EUR/USD Forex Technical Analysis 28th of April 2014


Today the EUR/USD shared currency pair will find a lot of influence from the European single currency which will keep on staying on a solid path this came in very strange mostly because of all the predictions made due to the social, political and military steam building up in Ukraine.


This chain of event will definitely have a direct influence on rates in the European area especially for the EUR/USD support levels.

Many analysts believe that the release of the recent C.P.I. figures will have another strong influence on the trading cross also the report for April is expected to come out into the lime light.


For the time being the EUR/USD fiber currency pair is up by a positive value of +24% trading in the close vicinity of the 1.3869 level and has managed to find a lot support points starting with the 1.3762 level followed close up by the 1.3797 level and finally the 1.3831 point.


On the other side of the medal there are several strong resistance points which can be found in the proximity of the 1.3854 level continuing with the 1.3889 level and ending with the desired 1.3923 level.

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High = 1.3881chart390


Low = 1.3816



S3 = 1.3762 S2 = 1. 3797 S1 =


R1 = 1.3853 R2 = 1.3889 R3 = 1.3923



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