EUR/USD Forex Technical Analysis 28 of December 2012


The EUR/USD currency pair has recently jumped from old “places” to new levels around the 1.3240 high point most traders are now waiting for the United States“fiscal edge” headlines to come to light. In the meantime the Greek government astonished the EUR/USD “fiber” pair as it went on presenting new ideas and social measures to the world.

United States “home economic data” released this week and they have demonstrated that the housing sector keeps getting better and better at a slower pace.
Now the EUR/USD currency pair fell from the value of 1.3282 straight to the 1.3210 down point and then it went down the water slide to the vicinity of the 1.3202 value. The “fiber” pair jumped at a value of 1.3245 during the Asian session. The EUR/USD currency pair is now trading at the high end of the “pinnacle”.

All traders are now looking for a new potential “break” way above the 1.3386 critical point and for an extension of the 1.3493 point.

All traders are now pointing to support at 1.3143 spot.


High = 1.3258


Low = 1.3223


S3 = 1.3153   S2 = 1.3186    S1 = 1.3219


R1 = 1.3304   R2 = 1.3337    R3 = 1.3371


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