EUR/USD Forex Technical Analysis 13 of March 2014

The EUR/USD shared currency pair is now trading in a downwards points since the opening across the ocean of the US session. Hopes started going up as the United States unemployment figures and retail data came in strong.


Traders believe that the figures went up by a value of 0.3% compared to the 0.2% predicted value going in place with the United States dollar therefore the currency pair went down a little in the close vicinity of the 1.3935 trading level.


For the time being the EUR/USD “fiber” currency pair is up by a positive value of +0.3% in the proximity of the 1.3940 level and by breaching the 1.3966 level this would definitely clear the path towards the 1.4000 point. Analysts believe that the 1.3910 is the trading place where all risk will start to gather and the trading cross might start moving close to the 1.3859 area.

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High = 1.3969chart359


Low = 1.3897



S3 = 1.3804 S2 = 1. 3839 S1 = 1.3874pricing QR code


R1 = 1.3948 R2 = 1.3981 R3 = 1.4016

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