EUR/USD Forex Technical Analysis 10th of March 2014


The EUR/USD shared currency pair is now trading under a small influence in the European Union trading session and will try to hold on to last week’s trading figures.

The EUR/USD fiber currency pair managed to touch for a brief moment the 1.3897 high point but unfortunately did not have the necessary force required to break the all important 1.3900 level.

For the time being the currency pair is now trading in the proximity of the 1.3871 level keeping the trading cross on a steady line nonetheless there are no significant figure releases for today.

The trading cross has started going on a rather straight path above the 1.3820 support point at the same time it has started showing signs of going over the 1.4000 level.

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High = 1.3898?chart356


Low = 1.3867



S3 = 1.3794 S2 = 1. 3828 S1 = 1.3863 SCAN THIS CODE FOR MORE INFORMATIONpricing QR code


R1 = 1.3928 R2 = 1.3963 R3 = 1.3998



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