EUR/USD Forex Technical Analysis 30 of August 2013



The EUR/USD shared currency pair is now back on the trading track in the proximity of the 1.3200 level this event occurred right after the release of the C.P. figures (the consumer prices) in the European Union.

Many analysts believe that the early releases of the C.P. data has increased by a small value of +1.3% very close to the expected value of +1.5%, worth to mention is that the some traders believe that the unemployment numbers continued hovering over the positive value of +12.1% for last month.

Right now the EUR/USD “fiber” currency pair is up by a positive value of +0.06% in the vicinity of the 1.3246 level with several resistance points starting with the 1.3298 level continuing with the 1.3322 level and ending with the “desired” 1.3341 point.

On the other side of the coin by breaking the 1.3219 barrier this would open the door towards the 1.3206 level at first followed up by the 1.3188 level.


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High = 1.3256


Low = 1.3223





S3 = 1.3102    S2 = 1. 3135    S1 = 1.3168  chart229



R1 = 1.3295    R2 = 1.3328     R3 = 1.3361

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