EUR/USD Forex Technical Analysis 29 of August 2013


The EUR/USD shared currency pair is now on the “soft” side of the trading momentum trading very well in today’s trading session. This event occured mostly because of the early release of the annual GDP figures. These figures came in very friendly for most traders which were obviously expecting an enhancement to take place in the “trading sentiment”.


In the meantime there are many analysts who strongly consider the 1.3195 area will definitely provide a strong and firm support area for the upcoming trading signals, in other words it’s mainly a safe haven for the upcoming events such as the data release in the United States and the European CPI figures.


For the time being the EUR/USD “fiber” currency pair is down by a negative value of -0,55% in the proximity of the 1.3263 level seeking some fresh support starting with the 1.3208 level continuing with the 1.3189 point and ending with the “desired” 1.3065 level.


On the other side of the medal there are several consistent support levels to keep in mind starting with the 1.3344 level followed close by the 1.3359 and ending with the consistent 1.3398 point.






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