EUR/USD Forex Technical Analysis 29 of January 2013


The EUR/USD currency pair could not manage to keep the trading day opening price zone and ultimately went down in the vicinity of the 1.3436 level.

Some hard bids have been identified there thus another movement was given to the trading momentum back to the 1.3455 zone. Meanwhile in Italy the six month debt auction went live and announced to have set the 0.731% yield a very low value indeed.
The release of the P.P.I. information in Greece went from the +2.4% value towards the +1.9% point.

Meanwhile in the United States the trading session will have to meet with the S&P Prices expected to be released somewhere around 15:00 GMT, and US consumer confidence at 16:00 GMT.

The 1.3479 zone is now live and all traders are expecting a downtrend towards the 1.3380 key-support area before rejuvenation and reaching the 1.3650 point.


High = 1.3461

Low = 1.3429





S3 = 1.3346   S2 = 1. 3380    S1 = 1.3413


R1 = 1.3467   R2 = 1.3500    R3 = 1.3534


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