is a SCAM?


Forexsocial said:

“Is Forex Peace army and a SCAM ?

Why would one so called guru need so many forex sites ? | | | | are all these site run by a man who knows nothing about trading im starting to think yes ! its all a scam , now i see Dmitri Chavkerov on cnn tv as a con artist and scam !”

James G said:

“TOTAL SCAM ! I LOST MONEY WITH THIS GUY, he just got busted for online fraud by the FBI and other federal agency its in his nature to defraud and pretend to be what he is not. he was found in a tiny apartment , and his financial record reveal he lost most of his small account in trading years ago and almost all of his saving was from sales not trading, proof again he is not a real trader just another sales man selling dreams to new traders looking for hope ! i would not give this fool another penny of my money ! he lies about everything and hides the truth, there are way better alert service company’s out there real alert services companies. i give this fraudster a big fat ZERO. he owns a ton of web-sites a classic scam tactic to flood a niche market with your web-sites so no matter what you buy it will still be from the same vendor what a sham !
the arresting agent [William James Cunningham ] Documentation of the current case can be found at:”

fxwilliams said:

“I have always suspected he was not a real trader , and never trusted his reviews there is a company he list as a scam on his site i have used them for almost 1 year and they are nothing near a scam more like a 5 star rating which was a red flag he was not trying to help people make an informed decision . he was just pretending to be a trader and sell his wanna be alert service. i read the original FBI police report. and they found this illegal “RENTING” a tiny small 1 bedroom apartment. in a run down part of the city that hardly sounds like a successful forex trader to me ! and further digging i found he has more pending legal action on numerous offenses. this guy is the real deal in scam-con artist! he pulled the blinds or many eyes and tricked countless newbies. telling him he would protect them from scams when he was the main con-artist. very ironic.”

mark mc donnell said:

“the only thing is that they give themselves 5 star ratings and other people get thrown under the bus. i have a 4 star rating on forexbast….. and i still dont trust them. there is no problem resolution feature for anyone who has a genuine issue anyone can say anything without substantiation.

good trading
mark mc donnell”

forexwhite said:


word of advice to newbies don’t fall for his bogus review sites and claims he says he protects you from scam HAH-HH-AA He is the scam. he left that part out he is new to forex trading and blew his account we have all seen his account statement the guy can’t trade to save his life , then why would you waste your money on his garbage ! lol a sucker is born every minute and 2 suckers try to learn forex every second.”

Hank L said:

“i have always know this guy felix / dimitry of forex peace army was full of sh1+ since day one ! he used to sell forex affiliate programs for a few dollars of profit each i guess that was not working well, so he started making up b.s product i guess he got lucky on one of them and realized other newbies would believe his hype if his web-site looked slick enough. His Arch Enemy is Central Pips ” a legitimate trading group i’m not sure why but he has hated them since day one, they where investigated because of his b.s and the cooperated fully and the conclusion was they where 100% legitimate but dimity still leaves negative **** about them on his site and has used his site to attack the crap out of them. even tho they where proved innocent, he even posted up some mug shot of some black guy , well ain’t that funny cause we all now have a mug shot of his criminal girlfriend & him ! i cant wait to see them both deported out of this country ASAP. now that we all know where he lives ! :)”

Who has more comments please add!!!!

It is too easy to write bad reviews about cometitors and selling products at the same time, that is what they do! Thanks.

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2 Responses to is a SCAM?

  1. Steve May says:

    “Forex Peace Army” & = SCAMMERS!!!

    I sent this crud a real-time report of a scam involving another scam Broker, provided “Felix” all the details, documentation, copies of e-mails, full Trade Logs showing every profitable trade I made, etc.

    NOTHING ever happened.

    But I still kept getting his spam e-mails trying to sell this or that and crowing about how he was “fighting” the Brokers.

    I asked three (3) separate times why he did not follow-up at all on my case and . . . NO answer. My complaint “disappeared” from his Message Board . . .

    I would bet big $$$ he cut some deal with the Broker for “advertising” or something that lined the pocket of scammer “Felix.”

    My advice: RUN away from this criminal, don’t just walk. NEVER trust anything “Felix” or Dimitri or whoever this conman currently calls himself says. And do a thorough Internet search on all the connected websites he owns

  2. Great stuff. Perhaps a little off topic, but would you mind if I write something about this on my acai scam blog? I will of course, cite original source and link back to your page.